More efficient compliance training and processes

Do your field teams find compliance training to be a burden? Are you looking for ways to provide a better user experience with respect to compliance training? With ACTO, you can consolidate all compliance training and resources on one platform, with superior user experience

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Microlearning experiences and virtual training you and your learners will love

Resources and Messaging for Your Field Teams in Seconds

Map out your product education and people management strategy

Microlesson Authoring

Break down complex compliance training content into interactive modules with multimedia, SCORM, quizzes, and feedback

Compliance Training

Leverage features like digital signatures and two-factor authentication to support CFR 21 Part 11 objectives

Quick Access for Better User Experience

Leverage artificial intelligence to rapidly surface the right resource at the right time

Built-in Approval Workflows

Control which approved, up-to-date resources field teams and territories can present to customers

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