New Commercial Capabilities for a New Era

Automate and personalize your commercial team training and embrace new possibilities

Natasha Andrade 5 May 2022

Does your company still think that product-focused e-learning is advanced, or have you embraced more sophisticated, modular training apps that enable a more continuous, individualized, and gamified L&D experience across a disease area?

Every commercial team wants to deliver a successful digital transformation. Some will succeed, but some will remain behind the curve. We all have access to the same tools. We’re all approaching the same customers. We can all hire the same talent. But, what’s the difference?

The difference isn’t external but internal. It starts by ensuring that you have the capabilities and mindset to provide the best user experience for your internal and external learners.

This webinar focuses on pulling together the ideal training, upskilling, and customer call engagement tactics for a hybrid future. A new generation of tools and methods is revolutionizing how field teams get educated on the clinical value and how they learn to engage in the hybrid landscape.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how industry leaders drive digital transformation and omnichannel education within their teams.


Head, Global Commercial Learning, Biogen
Director, Global Marketing Excellence, Amgen
Chief Executive, Impatient Health
Chief Executive Officer, ACTO
Natasha Andrade