Exclusive ACTO Omnichannel Platform Mini Demo

Arif Khwaja 13 August 2021

ACTO’s Omnichannel Education platform simplifies the change management process by transforming the way your teams train on and execute business operations. The platform’s user experience is crafted after speaking to thousands of life sciences leaders.

This 90-second demo covers the backend command center of the platform, designed for admin users like training managers, instructional designers, and medical affairs trainers. Watch it to learn how you can:

  • Prove your impact on outcomes with real-time visibility into metrics like average time spent on resources, quiz scores, and trending content
  • Unify sales, training, medical affairs and marketing operations for product launch, new-hire onboarding, and to create a culture of healthcare compliance
  • Create learning experiences by easily dragging and dropping video, audio and interactive content

Digitally transform your training execution, engage your field teams with multidimensional experiences, and gain deep data insights to prove ROI.

Arif Khwaja