ACTO Acquires Scrimmage

Kristina Belyea 10 September 2020

ACTO announced its acquisition of Scrimmage here: ACTO Acquires Scrimmage, Disrupting Life Sciences Learning and Engagement Market

Collectively, our vision is to provide the most robust learning technology solution for life sciences. The acquisition establishes ACTO as a life sciences SaaS leader with an unparalleled portfolio of 100+ clients, including seven of the top 20 pharma companies and six of the top 20 medical device companies. ACTO will now serve hundreds of thousands of learners in 100+ countries, drawing on a combined workforce of over 100 team members. 

The Scrimmage Story

Scrimmage unveiled its flagship mobile learning app in 2010 coinciding with the launch of the first iPad. Over the last decade, its award-winning mobile learning platform has seen over 1 billion platform touchpoints, evolving into a one-stop solution for any device, anywhere. Using gamification, social features, and sophisticated mobile learning strategies, Scrimmage helps life sciences companies to empower learners and drive field performance with accessible, engaging, and integrated people-first tools.

What does this acquisition mean for the life sciences industry?

By bringing Scrimmage into its ecosystem, ACTO cements its position as the largest life sciences commercial learning and development platform custom-built to educate and engage field reps, physicians and patients, while giving senior commercial and clinical leaders real-time insights.The acquisition brings together a team of experienced personnel with deep understanding of healthcare workflows and innovations tailored for the pharma and medical device industries. The move also opens new opportunities for disruption and innovation as ACTO serves distributed workforces across the life sciences with new virtual training, events, and coaching services and tools.  

“The Scrimmage team shares our passion for using innovation and advanced technologies to move healthcare forward,” says ACTO CEO Parth Khanna. “Through this partnership, we’ll catalyze change and unlock value across the life sciences for field sales personnel, healthcare providers, patients, and everyone in between.” 

“Our incredible team has spent the past decade blazing new trails with innovative, dynamic mobile learning solutions, and our award-winning technology is now trusted by learners all over the world,” says Scrimmage CEO Derek Lundsten. “By joining forces with ACTO, we’ll be opening the next chapter in our combined growth, and bringing our transformative solutions to an even wider audience, as we expand the ACTO family.  I’m thrilled about the value we’ll be bringing our customers, and ultimately in making a positive difference in people’s lives.”

Kristina Belyea