New Era; New Launch Excellence Blueprint for 2021-2022

Natasha Andrade 29 June 2021 - 5 min. read

Do you have a pharmaceutical or medical device product launch coming up? Do you also require an easy tool to roll out educational and training material for all your stakeholders? In this blog post, you will learn:

  • The new era of digital transformation, as well as how symbiosis is the power behind launch excellence.
  • What digitally transformed sales and medical education training programs look like in this new era.
  • How to effectively communicate with various stakeholders upon launch.
  • Discovering how curated content in an integrated ecosystem helps foster a greater understanding.

When planning a launch, it is critical to embrace a blended and adaptive learning process. For example, life science companies looking to drive launch excellence within their organization should combine technology, science, instructional design, and creativity as part of one unified learning ecosystem. With this new era in healthcare, ACTO, a life sciences technology company, collaborated with Axiom, a scientific global agency partner, to design a new Launch Excellence Blueprint to fit these needs. The blueprint provides four phases to drive launch excellence within an organization. They are:

1. Pre-Launch
2. Approval
3. Launch
4. Post Launch


The What? Microlearning experiences that are composed of engaging, targeted learning assets, coupled with opportunities for practice, social collaboration, and virtual engagement. 

The Why? By establishing a core baseline of knowledge amongst various stakeholders, these learners can be prepared to have disease state conversations and enable the market for product approval.


The What? Product information and product-focused materials (e.g., SmPC) can be prepared in advance or finalized when the PDUFA approval is nearing. All your virtual coaching in one place makes this a seamless process.

The Why? Providing learners access to product information and insights behind key concepts as early as possible starts building fluency. Learners will be better prepared to come to a launch meeting ready to apply their knowledge.


The What? A one-stop-shop for all your meetings and events. Combining experiential, skills-based, immersive workshops and supporting materials makes access to information easy and readily available. 

The Why? Providing learners with innovative and practical opportunities to leverage the tools available enables them to have impactful conversations with their customers.

Post Launch

The What? Drive pull-through on your strategies with reporting and dashboards. After a launch, reps are enabled with a blend of diverse assets created in response to market events and data captured using the ACTO platform.

The Why? This data helps address gaps as identified and enables pharmaceutical and medical device reps to respond quickly to changing needs as the market evolves.

 Launch Excellence Blueprint Takeaways

  • Strategize on how to align your teams with your clinical story before, during, and after a product launch
  • Sustain your launch with metrics and respond with agility as the market evolves
  • Patient and HCP insights are infused throughout the entire learning experience
  • ACTO and Axiom’s end-to-end content creation and delivery solution disrupts launch excellence in life sciences education

 Do you want the full launch excellence blueprint? Watch the webinar here.