John Constantine, Senior VP at Orchestrall, Inc: How to Accelerate Drug and Device Launch in the Post-COVID World

Kristina Belyea 5 May 2020 - 5 min. read

“The value of the interaction and information that sales people provide to physicians is what will differentiate sales people in the future” – John Constantine, SVP, Learning & People Solutions of Orchestrall, Inc.

In this post-COVID, remote work environment, how can you change your product launch strategy to accelerate drug and device launches? It is imperative that commercial leaders equip their sales force and teams to stay on track for when things open back up.

John Constantine is a veteran of 30 years in the life sciences industry, first at GlaxoSmithKline, then at Merck as Executive Director, Merck Polytechnic Institute in 2008, and joining Orchestrall, Inc. as Senior VP, Learning & People Solutions in 2016. In the second episode of The Launchpad, Parth Khanna, CEO of ACTO, spoke with John about what the pharmaceutical and medical device landscape looks like post-COVID. You can access the full podcast here. This podcast covered what most commercial leaders are thinking and here is an excerpt from the dialogue:

Parth: What advice would you give to commercial leaders in this post-COVID world? 


  • Commercial learning and development teams need to equip reps to take advantage of the time they have out of field. The forgetting curve tells us that people forget what they learn in training. Micro-learning or spaced, small-dose training is perfect for helping reps to maintain that knowledge level during this time. This ensures that when reps are able to interact with customers and healthcare providers again, they will be at the peak of their knowledge and performance and ready to support the launch.
  • From a customer interaction perspective, life sciences companies need to be prepared to face further difficulties in gaining access to the right customers. Particularly in more competitive markets, customer access will be strained, and so companies will need to find new and unique ways beyond traditional detailing and e-detailing, to reach and engage with customers. 

Parth: What is the role of the sales rep in this new world?   


  • The value of the customer-salesperson interaction and information that the salesperson provides will differentiate sales people in the future. Sales reps continue to be very important in life sciences, particularly for a product launch, as they are at the frontline of getting the clinical and brand message out to customers. However, the effectiveness of sales people in the life science business has changed, with the number of quality detailing interactions decreasing over time. Therefore, the interactions that companies do get need to be that much more valuable to the healthcare provider or customer. This requires a more highly trained sales person, somebody who can drive value-based conversations with physicians and provide clinical knowledge. 

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